Online projects are a great way to expand our classroom while, at the same time, exciting our students about learning. Prime International prepares online projects, whilst teaching students to use the Internet to enhance curriculum-based lessons. It encourages collaboration with teachers and students. Here are our astounding group projects done by our Year 9 students. 

Our Young Entrepreneurs Orsa and Ru Yi from Year 9 share the hype of E-bikes in their English Project.

With advancements in the Digital World, young enterprisers like our students are constantly brainstorming for the next BIG-Thing to make huge differences in peoples' lives. Listen to their e-bike business venture!


Vincent, Jason and Rui Jiun from Year 9 showcases their newest business venture "Flex Buggy". Lightweight with safety capabilities that flexes your $wag to your peers. Don't miss their special edition deal!

Ever wonder how you can speed travel and always get to work on time? Well folks! You're in luck.


Today's newest business venture is the Special Speedy Motorcycle.

Chloe, Ling Jie and Chee Qian from Year 9 will walk you through the benefits, easy speed change and stunt performance of their special motorcycle.